The compilation issues were solved quickly. I realized that I had to link the project to the shared object file that was created on installation of roadrunner. But I was still facing errors when running the executable. A suggestion I received from my mentors was that I might be missing some header files but upon checking, that was not the case.

The developers of libRoadRunner use Visual Studio for working on the project and since I was facing some unknown issue, I decided to install Visual Studio on Windows and give it a try. Installation took a very long time and I was successfully able to build the libRoadRunner dependencies. libRoadrunner required LLVM 3.5.2 and unfortunately Visual Studio 17 is not compatible with LLVM 3.5.2. Realizing that reinstalling everything with Visual Studio 15 would take a very long time (slow internet speeds :( ), I switched back to Linux and started going through the Makefiles and source code to understand the error that I was facing when running the executable. Linux requires the shared object files of roadrunner and all the dependencies (like libSBML, POCO, etc.) also when compiling and no one knows why! Finally, I was able to successfully compile the sample code I had written and test out a few functions.



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