LLVM Part 2

In accordance with the plan to make the correct data structures for accepting an array of parameters, I had to change how roadrunner was making the structures using LLVM. SBML parameters were stored as an array of doubles using LLVM Type class. The AST representation of the parameters was returning a LLVM Value class which was using ConstantFP superclass. I thought of using the ConstantArray, ConstantVector, ConstantDataArray and ConstantDataVector superclasses to introduce the concept of a vector AST. For that, I had to find the appropriate Type class(say DoublePtr or ArrayType or VectorType). Even after trying all combinations, the code was failing for an array of parameters input. After not being able to figure out what was going wrong, I wrote some code to accept an array of parameters as input.

I pointed out this issue and showed them what was happening and they suggested that I try a different approach that might seem a bit easier. Instead of changing the data structure, I could fit the given data to the current data structure. I had thought of the method before but found that it might have been difficult to implement. But, looking at the state of where the other method was headed, I found that the new method would be a better option. I will be working on it the following week.



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